Thursday, February 5, 2009

Call me Treasure

Valentine’s is almost here. And in case you haven’t given it much thought you can put a smile on your man’s face by being your own super model and creating sexy photos for his eyes only. There are going to be some happy hubbies out there! So many guys are going to be saying to their Valentine, "This is the best gift you have ever given me!" Boudoir photography on Valentine's Day is a sure hit.

And although Valentine’s is a great time to create boudoir photos it is an all occasion gift for your man. It can be given as a book of images from a bride to her groom as wedding gift or for birthday or anniversary present or for something different on Father’s Day. If your guy is away in the military this is a great gift for him too. Every woman is capable of looking glamorous and sexy. And isn’t it great when you can show your man that you are just as hot as the girls on any page of Maxim or Playboy.  It is exciting to get dolled up and to able to be transform yourself in a tasteful girl environment. Unlock the treasure within to show your soft classy side.

Friday, January 23, 2009

New Beginnings

This week the country and the world witnessed a New Beginning.  What do you think of when you think of New Beginning? The mommy side of me thinks of a new born baby. The business woman in me thinks of a fresh look.

 The photographer in me thinks of new portraits. The Christian in me thinks, “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation” IICor 5:17. The friend is me thinks or new friendships. The political activist in me thinks of CHANGE.

Whatever inspires you toward a New Beginning, make the decision today to take the first steps. Visualize what that would look like and step into it. I have decided on a theme for 2009 and it is Unlock the Treasure. And each month I will work on personal or professional projects that tie into the theme. As such January is, you guessed it, New Beginnings.

A hotly debated topic by photographers is how much can a portrait really tell us about a person? I don’t have the answer, but I feel that my work embodies relationship – from a mom communicating with her unborn child in maternity portraits to the warm embrace of a family or  the confidence exuded by a professional consultant.

This month as part of unlocking the treasure within by creating a New Beginning, I am offering you the opportunity to present a fresh look to your clients by updating your business portrait. A fresh business portrait is a valuable tool to help your clients connect with you. Many business professionals are using social media sites like Facebook & Twitter to stay in-touch with existing clients and to reach new clients. If your business portrait is on your card, web site, brochure, etc., chances are that's the first impression people will have of you. Does your current headshot support the image you want to portray? Even if you hate sitting for a portrait, I can help.

Let me help you make a good first impression.